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Serving Perrysburg Since 1973

Meet Our Amazing Team

Mike and Barb Smith 

Mike's dad, Merle, founded Mini-Engine Repair, Inc. in 1973. Mike and Barb are committed to continuing Merle's tradition of operating with integrity, skill and a customers-first approach in all things.

Mike is exceptionally gifted and highly skilled at small engine repair. He has always been hands-on in the business and loves finding and fixing problems that other shops have been unable to find. You could say that his workbench is is playground - because he so thoroughly enjoys what he does.

Barb is the ray of sunshine at Mini-Engine Repair. She keeps things running smoothly and is our customer service watchdog. Her heart for people comes through in everything she does. If you stop in, you can expect to leave with a bounce in your step because of Barb's energy, enthusiasm and encouraging way.

Bobbie Luallen
Bobbie is now happily retired after many dutiful years here at Mini-engine. In addition to her smiling face and sweet demeanor, Bobbie is known for baking the best chocolate chip cookies east of the Mississippi! When you come in, she'll most likely have some to share with you. 

Since 1989 she has been a familiar face to anyone who comes in our front door. She is prompt, dependable, and doesn't let any grass grow under her feet when it comes to processing and following up on service orders.  Oh, another important fact about Bobbie - she is Barb's mom, and we're so grateful to have her! 
Jeff and Karl
Our technicians are the lifeblood of Mini-Engine Repair. Jeff has been with us for 
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